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          Human Resources and Faculty Relations
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          Resources for Faculty and Staff

          Faculty and staff at Edinboro University are committed to upholding the University’s standard of excellence. Working at Edinboro University provides opportunities for professional growth, as well as experiences you can’t get anywhere else.


          Edinboro University’s faculty and staff are our front line for providing an excellent post-secondary educational experience for our students.

          Working at EU provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional development. Our team is committed to the University’s values and goals, and works in an environment that, according to the mission of our Office of Human Resources and Faculty Relations, “fosters fair, just and equitable treatment, and encourages trust, mutual respect, civility and dignity for all members of the University community.”

          Below, we have provided a number of links to useful resources and services to make sure our faculty and staff are up to date with the latest news and information about working at Edinboro University.

          Resources for Faculty and Staff